About us

By Vilain

By Vilain is for the style-conscious man who wants to take their haircare game to the next level.

Our brand is brought to you out of Copenhagen, Denmark: a city alive with art, fashion, partying, and concerts of every kind; tastebud-tempting fine dining; and the 24/7 buzz of innovative business and culture. And just like the city: By Vilain men’s grooming products are a Scandinavian blend of stylish sophistication, professional dynamism, avant-garde edge, and clean minimalism. 
By Vilain founders Emil And Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen

Our Story

If you walk through our front doors in Aarhus and past our hair studio, you might see our team packing crates to be shipped around the world. There’s probably a few of us in the office working on the website, editing videos or having a coffee together in the kitchen. After more than ten years in the business: we’ve had our highs and our lows, and we’re proud to say we’ve built up a premium-quality brand with By Vilain: made up of professional products like Gold Digger Wax and Sidekick Pre-Styling Spray. From our beginnings at the hair salon to our impact on the global haircare game, we’ve come a long way!

Our Mission

“I see our customers as people we help along the way. And it brings a lot of joy to know that.” – Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen

We’re an upbeat team who love what we do. We’re driven by a vision: to inspire guys to be the best version of themselves and to equip them for success. And over the years, we’ve been touched by the awesome responses we’ve had from happy customers. We’re grateful for the amazing By Vilain community, full of men from around the world who want to continue the journey with us. We continue to inspire men around the world to #workhard and #stylehard.

If we help you to put yourself forward with confidence in your next job interview; give you the tools to look your dapper best on your wedding day, or if we make products you rely on again and again - then we know we’ve made a difference, even if it’s only a small one. From our beginnings to where we are today, By Vilain’s commitment has stayed the same:

Our goal is to help men along the way to become a better version of themselves. 

Who We Are

By Vilain was launched by twin brothers and entrepreneurs, Emil and Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen out of their Aarhus salon in 2013, and the trendsetting brand soon won international recognition in the world of men’s grooming. Since our beginnings, we’ve opened up another location in Denmark’s capital city - Copenhagen. Our brand reflects who we are and where we come from, and our name on the label shows our commitment to uncompromising quality.

Why By Vilain?

We’re a close-knit, family-run team: passionate about creating sustainable products with ingredients sourced and products professionally tested in Denmark. Not only is the lower transport time better for the environment - it also means that we can guarantee the highest quality in product standards and secure a good working environment for our manufacturers: it’s a win-win! By Vilain’s range is formulated in collaboration between our Danish R&D team and professional hairdressers – delivering the high-caliber products that we’re known for.

We provide professional men’s grooming products that give you a satisfying styling performance time after time. By Vilain has revolutionized the haircare game with quality ingredients and consistently excellent performance, and you’ll find our products all over the world: from London to Singapore. We’re proud of having customers in over 120 countries and for providing the go-to products for professional salons worldwide.


The journey of By Vilain

  • 2012 The first By Vilain hair wax recipe is in the making. After 9 months of back and forth in the labs it is ready.
  • 2013 By Vilain Gold Digger sees the light of day and takes the grooming-world by storm
  • 2014 Sidekick: this pre-styling spray would forever make hairstyling easier by providing volume and a long-lasting hold
  • 2015 By Vilain is showcased in +1000 videos on YouTube with +250.000.000 views and counting
  • 2016 The founders hold meetups around the world and visit Singapore, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, and London
  • 2017 By Vilain is at this point sold in +150 countries
  • 2018  Limited Editions are released once a year for collectors and fans
  • 2019 By Vilain opens a brand new Copenhagen Office
  • 2020 By Vilain is redesigned and reinvented with a sharper look
  • 2021 A prestige project is launched; limited handcrafted sunglasses
  • 2022 By Vilain Skincare Solution is launched