By Vilain Sunglasses

Limited stock! Only 75 of each style. Each pair is engraved with a unique number (xx of 75) on the inside of the temple.

Level-up your game with our new premium range of By Vilain sunglasses. This prestige project was 9 months in the making, and the wait was absolutely worth it. We’re huge fans of luxury sunglasses, so we thought - why not make our own? Like our other By Vilain products, these sunglasses are premium-quality and designed with care.

There are 3 top reasons why By Vilain sunglasses stand out from the crowd: style, substance, and shade. These retro mod wayfarer sunglasses come with a contemporary feel and four different colors to choose from. They have a handcrafted, steel-reinforced acetate frame - the ideal framing material for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Last but not least, the UV 400 lenses will keep your eyes protected all day, and an anti-reflective coating will stop any bounce-back glare from the sun.

We love them, and we know you will too.