By Vilain was created by Rasmus and Emil Vilain in 2013 as a brand under their Slikhaar Group. The Slikhaar Group was created in 2009 and is today divided into 4 sub-businesses with different areas that all lead back to the Slikhaar Group umbrella.

Slikhaarshop – Slikhaarshop is the online retail store from where all orders were originally handled. Today the store provides an exclusive range of haircare and styling brands. All the brands in the brothers’ online store have been carefully selected in order to give their customers the best products from around the world. Rasmus and Emil have always been passionate about hair and fashion, and the brand selection in Slikhaarshop clearly reflects their knowledge of the industry.

SlikhaarTV – SlikhaarTV is where it all started for Rasmus and Emil. The twins had the idea to inspire the modern man to express himself through styling and perfect hair in videos and live feeds, content that is now a huge success. Rasmus and Emil have had a major impact on the blooming interest in fashionable men who treasure their hair as a key part of their everyday outfit.

Slikhaar Studio – The Studio is a highly professional and trendy hair salon concept that was initially created with to provide an environment where great video content could be made and clients could get a quality haircut. However, the salon concept quickly proved to be more than just a studio for the creation of videos for SlikhaarTV. Slikhaar Studio has a focus on creativity, quality and fantastic customer service, all of which has made it the success it is today. Slikhaar Studio first opened its doors on Ryesgade 8, Aarhus in 2011, but was moved in 2017 to new and modern surroundings on Mejlgade 37,Aarhus. The long-term vision is to create a salon franchise that will allow you to get the Slikhaar experience all over the world.

Slikhaar Lifestyle - Slikhaar Lifestyle is the latest addition to the Slikhaar Group. Emil and Rasmus now regularly share tricks for styling along with fashion tips and trends to help men across the globe to always look their best from head to toe.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Rasmus and Emil decided to separate By Vilain from the Slikhaar Group. By Vilain is now 100 % controlled and operates with its own workforce to secure the future growth of their brand.